PA6SAC: SAC 2013 Contest

PA6SACWith some friends we will participate in the SAC 2013 ssb-contest as a Multi-One station. We will be active as PA6SAC on oct. 12/13. Location is a Scouting-club in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Joeri PE5JW and I came up with the idea of participating in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC). During our holidays in Norway, Sweden and Finland Femma and I met quite some Scandinavian radioamateurs and it’s fun to work them in a contest.

Arbo PHoAS at the running station.Our Multi-One team consists of:
Joeri PE5JW
Arbo PH0AS
Wilko PA8KW
Joris PD2JM
Aloys PA3DAT

Our location will be the Scoutingclub ‘Vaandrig Lengton Groep’ in Zwolle. The SAC-contest is only one week before my 34’th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) so we just put up the antennes for the JOTA-event one week in advance!

FB23 2 elements driebanderWe will be using a 25m high tower for a 2-element tribander and some wire-antennas for 40 and 80m.


After 19.00 local time fridayevening we started building up the antennas. Dark, heavy rain, putting up the antennas is not always a lot of fun… We succeeded in putting up the 2 element yagi in the tower and also some wires for pulling up dipoles for 40 and 80m. To be continued (tomorrow!)

Saturday, octobre 12
We gathered at 09.00, as there was still a lot to do. New dipoles for 40 and 80m still had to be cut to the proper length. Pulling up the wire antennas is not easy as there are a lot of trees surrounding the tower. At least we had some nice weather!

Joeri PE5JW en Joris PD2JM zoeken multipliers.Another problem was our computer network and the internet. Radiation of the transmitters, even running only 5 Watts, made the internet connection drop. The problem seemed to be a new router, an older one had to be found. With some bad luck we started nearly one hour late…

After this bad start, things were getting better. Running was not too successfull, but search and pound gave us qso’s and multipliers. Joris PD2JM cooked a nice diner, and we were having fun in a nice and warm shack!

Wilko PA8KW enjoying his bacon and eggs for breakfast.Sunday octobre 13
Around 06.30 I got up and found Joris PD2JM and Arbo PH0AS still working. We made some breakfast with bacon and eggs and a new pot of coffee!
At this moment, 08.45, Wilko PA8KW and Joris PD2JM are still sleeping. Joeri PE5JW is now active on 20m, Arbo PH0AS is trying to work some multipliers on 15m. With 337 qso’s and 127 multipliers we now have a score of 42.999 points and still 5 hours to go.

Taking down the wire-antennas.Time is over! Our result: 404 QSO’s, 140 multipliers, 56.560 points! Not bad for this first attempt, we are very satisfied.

Time to take antennas down, pack everything together, PA6SAC is history for now!:-)

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  1. Heel mooi! Ik hoop dat het gaat lukken, veel suc6.

  2. Jan NL6429r49 zegt

    Wanneer en waar is dat? Ik wou even gaan kijken hoe jullie dat doen.

  3. Aan de Weteringkade Jan, bij de Vaandrig Lengton Groep.
    Hoge brug, Hortensiastraat. Je ziet onze 2 elements op 25m hoogte wel boven de bomen uitsteken! Op zaterdag/zondag 12/13 Oktober, 12:00 UTC – 11:59 UTC.

  4. Love the idea. Have fun in the contest! 73 Bjørn

  5. Mats SM6LRR (RM2D) zegt

    Great idea!

    Will be looking for you from SM5J (Multi Single with SM5PHU)!

    73 de SM6LRR, Mats (also RM2D)

  6. Tnx Bjørn and Mats! Nice u already discovered our special callsign 😉
    We wish you both a lot of fun in the contest. We’ll be looking for you as well!
    73 de PA3DAT, Aloys.

  7. Great to hear about your participation! Looking forward working you from SI9AM, a special call and a multiplier. I have rented this station for the SAC weekend and will go Multi-One. Team so far is myself (SE3X) and Mikael (SE3E).

    73 and see you in SAC

  8. Great idea and also very nice callsign for the contest, hihi. Best of luck! 73 de Thomas OZ1AA/VK8WW

  9. Ik kom even bij jullie kijken.
    Succes in de contest!
    ’73, Frits, PA3FYS.

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